Janice Northcutt Huse is a professional artist who has been painting for over 40 years.

In her 4-decade art career, she has received many top honors and awards for her work. These include numerous First Place Awards, multiple Senator Donavan Awards, the distinguished People's Choice Award at the National Cooperstown Art Show, and the coveted Best in Show award as judged by David Ebitz, Director of Sarasota's prestigious Ringling Museum of Art. Her work has been featured in professional journals, magazine covers, books, calendars, and album covers and a documentary series. She is perhaps best known for her "Underground Railroad" and "Gullah" painting series. Her projects have included commissions from Time-Life and National Geographic.


Some originals and prints are available for sale and I am available for commission jobs

While most originals and rights are typically purchased by interested museums and collectors, some Janice Huse originals and a limited number of prints are still available for sale. As her schedule permits, she is available for individual and corporate commission jobs, portraits, and book illustrations. Please feel free to contact Janice if you are interested in any of the above finished works or if you would like to discuss other similar projects.



  • Thank you for the great portraits that displayed the tragedy of September 11th. It was kind of you to share these with me. The terrorists may have hurt us, but they will never humble us. America's leadership, strength, and history will lead us to overcome this tragedy. We will not despair, and we will be strong. All the best! You are a talented artist.

    Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida

  • Art is life and life is art, but creativity is a technological sinew endowed to different people independent of nationality, faith, race and gender. Different generations produce great artists of repute. Janice Northcutt Huse is an accomplished great artist of our time.

    Chief Tunde Adejunti, Africa Cultural Ambassador


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